The cream of the crop, the presenters of tomorrow, that awesome kinda person you just wish you were friends with- who are we kidding, you're gonna LOVE these guys!

Each of our stars have an extensive background presenting scientific and complex concepts to kids and adults of all ages, all backgrounds and abilities. (And they make it really fun)


They're also just exceptionally kind, smart, inspiring, and care A LOT about making this world a better place, however they can.

But don't take my word for it, check them out yourself  ;)

The Artist makes everything come alive- she finds the truth and beauty in just about everything in our world and every day strives to help others see it too 

Jon Doe

Ever looked up at the stars and thought, damn that's cool? Well this chick knows all about that, and would love to talk to you about it too!
(Seriously she will get so excited to chat with you about space stuff)

Jane Doe

This ocean hopping cowgirl loves getting in the muck of it, and what's science and reason without a little slime? ... Or electricity- or fire... :D

James Doe