We can do it- like seriously, we actually can.

Our rag tag band of scientists and mavericks are on a quest to bring logic, reasoning, a big pinch of science, and most importantly, hope to kids and adults alike. 

Using practical skills, hands on learning and real world implications, our workshops help tomorrow's heroes discover how to have a direct positive impact on the world around us, our communities, our environment, our societies and our futures.

 Whether through internet traversing and protecting, building environmentally friendly landscapes, or conserving energy in new, technologically advanced ways, we arm the public with a voice and their own empowerment.

And we make it hella fun too

We can't save this world on our own. But we can do it together.

And If we can come together in using a better understanding of science and reasoning as our friend, it's gonna help in a big way.

So what are you waiting for? Let's do this.

The workshops you've been waiting for- come take a peek!

The heroes that make this all possible- and man are they awesome- meet them here!

Any questions or want us to come deliver a mind blowing workshop- let us know here!

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