Let me introduce you to the best team of science presenters and teachers this world has ever seen. Don't believe me? Take a gander yourself on the following pages. This group of fiercely talented individuals have devoted their lives to giving science to the public and teach it in their own expertise ways- involving true interaction, hands-on-learning, real world implications and most importantly, hope.


Each of our workshops are aimed to not just teach science and reasoning, but to empower every kid and adult to make a positive change to their world, their communities and their lives.


We can't save this world on our own. But we can do it together.

And If we can come together in using science as our friend, it's gonna help in a big way.


So what are you waiting for? Let's do this.

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The workshops you've been waiting for- come take a peek!

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The heroes that make this all possible- and man are they awesome- meet them here!

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Any questions or want us to come deliver a mind blowing workshop- let us know here!

Dr. Marvello

I'm 100% a doctor so I know what's good for you, and these workshops are it!

Some kid

They smelled kind of weird


you don't know her

also I know it's a picture of a dude

I couldn't believe how well the Stars got on with the kids, and their message is so inspiring and hopeful- they can totally change the world