Get ready to learn how to go forward knowing reality from fiction, or the closest we can get to it  :0

This workshop is designed to encourage and practice skills of critical thinking and deciphering fact from fiction, helping young people and families to be made more aware of biases from certain sources as well as ourselves (echo chambers) and how to spot misleading graphs and data.


Why does this matter?


In a world of seemingly free (data funded) news sources at the touch of the fingertips and on every social network platform, it is becoming increasingly harder to decipher fact from fiction. At first glance a Youtube video explaining the conspiracies of a flat earth may look just as credible as a scientist explaining the impossibility of it. A graph with an x-axis going up incrementally to then jump 5-fold and go back to incremental increase will mislead the viewer into assuming the numbers are higher or lower than they actually are.


Manipulation of the audiences senses, emotions, and fears have been very successful tactics to preventing the spread of truth, and encouraging the spread of lies- and this workshop is based around teaching ways to spot it.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

(Above will show still highlights of the workshop)

And now for something really fun- the logisitics!

Length of workshop: 2 hours

Space required:  just a bit of room in front of a class

Things we hope you have 'cause we can't carry it:  2 desks



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