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Time to help nature grow strong again!

This workshop is designed to encourage and practice skills of creative thinking and innovation in building a sustainable future for all of us, and have a lot of fun in doing so ;)

Do we need to replace all our old things, or can we repair them?  Can we grow our own food, and minimise how much packaging we waste? Can we bring back our wild bees by planting more native wildflowers? 


Why does this matter?


Trash islands, overconsumption, gratuitous waste being the norm doesn't just hurt our planet, it hurts us. By seeing how our actions can have a direct impact on our surroundings and learning how we can help to improve things encourages that much needed appreciation in this ridiculously gorgeous world we live in.

And when it comes to re-making something, the sky is the limit! We are all creators in our own way, and here you'll be able to let those ideas blossom- along with a plant or two :D


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And now for something really fun- the logisitics!

Length of workshop: 1.5 hours

Space required:  just a bit of room in front of a class

Things we hope you have 'cause we can't carry it:  2 desks

and 3 cleaned objects the student has brought from home that were either going to be put in the trash or recycled

Prices starting at £300



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