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Here we are, what you've really been waiting for; the incredible inspiring workshops we can bring to you-


So first off, here is what every single one of our workshops offer:

Hands on interaction for everyone involved

A take home they can use practically outside of the workshop

Scientific skills, both practical and mental

Science capital ('cause it really works!)

At least one experiment even the super nerds out there won't have seen before

Information to inspire you on how to improve our world

Some fun facts:

- All presenters have enhanced DBS checks 

- All workshops currently adapted for KS 1-3 

- We require 1 adult for every 10 children present

- Every workshop will provide at least 2 staff to teach

- Risk assessments and timetables will be sent upon request

- Following the Covid Roadmap we will be opening workshops to the public from April 12th 2021

Contact us to find out our availability!

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