Ever since she was a little girl, our stargazer has been fascinated by the worlds beyond, and all the possibility that stands out there, just waiting to be realised. 

Working through a masters in Astrology and with a background in Biosciences she loves all things new,

science-y and inspiring.

She's also a massive dork, incase you couldn't tell-

and we love her impossibly much

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(Above will be slideshow stills of Stargazer being awesome)

(To the right will be real in class video of Stargazer doing a workshop with kids)

(Left will be intro video of Stargazer and her personality)

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The Artist makes everything come alive- she finds the truth and beauty in just about everything in our world and every day strives to help others see it too 

This ocean hopping cowgirl loves getting in the muck of it, and what's science and reason without a little slime? ... Or electricity- or fire... :D